Back to Abingdon 

We were awake at 6:45, packed, had breakfast and got on our way to the airport at 9:00. We put fuel in – £43.95 for 36.96 litres and approximately 439 miles travelled. We dropped the car off at 10:08 and walked straight to the check in counter. We had to wait there until exactly 2 hours before our flight. Once we had dropped the luggage off we went into the business class lounge which was really amazing  

We did not sample any of the whiskys available. Our flight started with a safety information briefing out together by Comic Relief which was very good. Ours was the last case off the plane! We were helped by a lovely young lady at Europcar. We chose a Fiat for this weekend. Our first stop was Millets Farm Store for mushrooms. We were at Anne by 5pm and had a lovely, late evening. I made mushroom pasta for dinner and it was so nice to cook again and have a home cooked meal. We drank lots and chatted about all sorts of things.  


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