I woke up at 6:45 expecting to watch the live timing of the last 15 minutes of qualifying. But, it only started at 7:00 so I followed all three sessions online before getting ready for breakfast. That started at 8:30 and was followed by a distellery tour which was very interesting and which I will cover properly on my blog. 

We then went to Hilton which is a seabord village where lobster and salmon fishing appear to be the local industry. Here we walked to a replica of the Pictish stone which forms part of the Glenmorangie logo.

This reproduction took 4 years to carve, in situ. We drove past the Shandwick stone which is protected and therefore I gather is the original stone. We went back to Glenmorangie House where we were served lunch. This was a spicey carrot and lentil soup with prawn, egg and tuna sandwiches. After lunch we learnt how to shoot clay pigeons. I was not sure I would enjoy the experience but it was exhilarating. I managed to shoot 2 out of my 6 which is not bad going. This is the second time I’ve handled a gun. The first being Mark’s air rifle over 10 years ago. I did the best out of the women. Dave managed 3 out of his turns.

This experience was followed by afternoon tea and a blind whisky tasting. I came third in this which was quite surprising. We then had a nice break followed by an exceptional experience of the Signet tasting. This was followed by a Sicilian cocktail, canapés and bag pipes. Dinner followed and it was really good. We were then entertained with singing and music played by the most talented family. Ian, one of the guests, regaled us with 2 poems. The evening ended very late.


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