Heading to Glenmorangie House

Slept amazingly well and woke up at 6:45. Got showered and packed and Dave made the four of us breakfast. He cooked up the girolles, shitake and pied du mouton mushrooms and added them to scrambled eggs. Stuart drew us an excellent map and we were on the road just before 8. We had an easy drive to Heathrow and got into the lounge just before 10. We caught up on work, I read my book and an hour and a half later it was time to board our flight to Aberdeen. We bought a sandwich to share from Pret a Manger and with another flight not too full we had no one sitting next to us. The airport in Aberdeen is tiny with one carousel. I waited for the suitcase while Dave went to get the car. We were on the road just after 14:00 and drove through Dufftown along the River Avon. There are so many well maintained distilleries and Churches amongst the farm lands. We headed through the Cairngorms National Park where there is a robot for the cows to cross the road. Like at Heerengracht, Longman roundabout has traffic lights. We crossed over a bridge with Beauty Firth to the left and Moray Firth to the right, entering the Black Isle.

There was a stop and go on place at Cromarty Bridge which delayed us 8 minutes.

 Approaching Invergordon we could see a lot of oil derricks. The traffic here was worse than in England this morning going to Heathrow. We arrived at Glenmorangie House at 17:10 and had enough time to get settled and have coffee before proceedings started at 18:00. I will blog about this separately but in short we had a whisky tasting followed by dinner.


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